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    MiniGenie is cloud based Integrated Platform for Publishing, Selling, Distributing and using training contents for Mobile Learning Devices with inbuilt Content Security and integrated Digital Rights Management.

    The Mini-Genie platform integrates multi publishers with unified distribution channel and automates the management of product catalogue, publishing and securely distributing the contents with integrated rights management. Content updating and renewal of contents adds value to the publishers.

    This allows for new business models such as

    • ⹠before you buy舘g>
    • promotional previews
    • rentals based on play counts or expiration dates
    • subscriptions
    • Purchases of streaming or downloadable media
    For online content, owners can also quickly change usage rules without having to redistribute the content.

  • Features

  • Trinity's Mini-Genie Solution Provides following features:-

    • Multi Publisher support
    • Multi Product support
    • Supports Android 2.2 and above
    • IOS will be added in next version
    • Custom / Multiplatform Encryption on top of AES
    • Secured & inter-locked application workflow
    • Secured distribution workflow
    • End point Licensing with Hardware binding
    • On The Fly decryption
    • Advanced Video player with manuscript support
    • PaaS (Platform as a service)
    • SaaS (Software as a service)
    • Supports Online as well as Offline Publishing
    • Supports Web and multimedia formats
  • How it Works

  • Product Applications

    • Mobile based content eLearning
    • Corporate Training
    • Corporate learning
    • Time based Content Leasing
  • Application Industries

    • E-Learning product distribution
    • Corporate training, learning solutions
    • Tablet based assessment products
  • Customer Testimonial

  • First up, I'd like to congratulate Trinity team for successfully delivering the encryption solution requested by HeyMath! . I have to make special mention of the effort put in by the Trinity team to finish this project.There were occasions when I had requested for some fixes in the app which were attended to on holidays. I am truly impressed by the promptness shown by Trinity team. Working with Trinity over the duration of the projects, I have learned a lot of new things.
  • Anjan, Heymath!
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