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    D-Vault is the product in the Digital Rights Management (DRM) space and its been designed to secure web content which can be either online/offline. D-Vault is an end to end product for securing , packaging, distributing, licensing, executing and controlling digital data offline or online.

    D-Vault is designed to comply with various IP sensitive segments like e-Learning, computer based training, legal and corporate contents. This gives strength to protect the content against counterfeiting and also allows in configuring and managing license which could be standalone / over LAN, number of clients based, time specific, machine specific etc.

  • Features

  • Trinity's DRM Solution Provides following features:-

    • Offline/Online Digital Rights Management
    • Secure, Effective and Easy to Deploy
    • Wide range of file formats supported
    • Secured execution using policy enforcements
    • Counterfeiting & Copy Protection
    • Direct Play execution environment
    • Reverse engineering & Replication protection
    • Video Security ಯtection against Video Capturing
    • Offline DRM (WITH or WITHOUT DONGLE)
    • Time Bound Content execution
    • Machine Bound Content Security
  • How it Works

  • ComponentComponent Description
    Content Sources Raw content is obtained from different content sources. This raw content is production output of Clientडta i.e images, media files etc
    Encryption Engine Takes raw content as input from content sources, creates file specific key and encrypts the content. This produces secured content
    Encrypted Content This is application output which is pure static content or may have dynamic scripts ( *Dynamic contents will be executed via web server not decryption server)
    License Management License generator will generate client license and helps to manage license
    Licensing Web Server This server will be located at Client premise else will be hosted out but managed by Client. Server will have Client learning management execution environment i.e apache,mysql etc. User registration will happen from this server and this will be used for user data sync & updates.
    Trinfin Secured Dongle Trinfin Secured dongle can carry license for LAN deployments, can carry app installer which will be secured for installation, can carry data optionally.
    App InstallerApp Installer would help to package the application (without data) This includes application , database, application execution environment like apache & mysql, installation / direct play of execution environment etc.
    Content CD/DVD This could be normal CD/DVD for delivering encrypted contents to the users. This can be used for any mode of deployment Dongle based / CD or DVD based.
  • Product Applications

    • Computer Based Training Distribution
    • Corporate Training
    • User Manual in secured environment
    • DRM of IP Sensitive Web contents
    • Plug & Play distribution and execution model for learning content
    • Direct Play execution environment
    • Learning Management Solution Content Security & DRM
    • Comprehensive OFFLINE DRM
    • Offline DRM (WITH or WITHOUT DONGLE)
    • Time Bound Content execution
    • Machine Bound Content Security
  • Application Industries

    • Computer Based Training
    • E-Learning
    • Corporate Learning
  • Customer Testimonial

  • First up, I'd like to congratulate Trinity team for successfully delivering the encryption solution requested by HeyMath! . I have to make special mention of the effort put in by the Trinity team to finish this project.There were occasions when I had requested for some fixes in the app which were attended to on holidays. I am truly impressed by the promptness shown by Trinity team. Working with Trinity over the duration of the projects, I have learned a lot of new things.
  • Anjan, Heymath!
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