Small businesses aren't quite in step with their larger industry counterparts in addressing data security.

"With expansion of knowledge web through internet, ease availability and exchange of information has grown up. People are becoming more aware of the happenings and findings around. Piracy too evolved with technology. If statistics are not wrong, an estimated $40 billion (around ࠢillion) was lost in the year 2006 to software piracy globally. It went up to around $60 billion this year. The costs to the economy of pirated software show why efforts to reduce pirated software must be increased." - Read More..

Intellectual property created by a learning company is at a great risk of being counterfeited.

"Intellectual property created by a learning company is at a great risk of being counterfeited. The intellectual and creative cost of developing content is extremely high. Content is the core of all training sessions. Content is their Intellectual Property Right (IPR) and their future. Content could be in the form of courseware or other data. Today, most of the training institutes have moved to the digital method of training or Computer Based Training (CBT). Content could be in the form of e-Books, e-Learning software, documents, spreadsheets, presentations etc." - Read More..

Combating digital IP theft Web content is amongst the simplest to copy and transmit

"Web content is amongst the simplest to copy and transmit 䥸t, images and video worth millions are copied routinely, affecting genuine businesses. Take the case of Shriram Adukoorie, whose web and mobile based local search company Ask Laila creates information on events, commercial outlets and public places that is carefully collated and verified for users. " - Read More..

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  • First up, I'd like to congratulate Trinity team for successfully delivering the encryption solution requested by HeyMath! . I have to make special mention of the effort put in by the Trinity team to finish this project.There were occasions when I had requested for some fixes in the app which were attended to on holidays. I am truly impressed by the promptness shown by Trinity team. Working with Trinity over the duration of the projects, I have learned a lot of new things.
  • Anjan, Heymath!
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