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  • With emerging digital technologies data and information has now become valuable asset like any other assets i.e land, machinery etc. Intellectual property is becoming precious in information technology world and lots of efforts and initiatives have been taken by government to protect the interest of inventors by various acts and laws. Protecting intellectual property is crucial need for the success of any business. As Intellectual property includes patents, copyrights and trademarks of inventions, designs and trade secrets, It becomes important to protect the competitive advantage by obtaining intellectual property rights to combat the thefts and inhibit the illegal use of the product.

    Trinity Future In Pvt Ltd is an Innovative company working in the field of Digital asset Security, Data leakage protection and Digital rights management to help companies safeguard their valuable intellectual property. Company provides consulting services and products serving data leakage protection and license management to software, publishing and computer based training industries. Trinity೯lution helps enterprises implement a flexible licensing suitable for their target customer base via secured and offline workflow and controlling all licensing aspects.

    Company owns and maintains several products in the field of Digital rights management which includes licensing of software / application and security of sensitive or IP based data distribution and usage.

    With the growth of Computer based training segment and unaddressed licensing features by other DRM products, Trinity has released flexible and comprehensive product for e-Learning community in 2009 and now the product is serving eLearning companies to protect ROI by protecting their intellectual property.

    Trinity data security has been certified by STQC, Government of India (Chennai Bench) which was unable to breach protection afforded by Trinityॸisting technology. Trinity had filed 14 applications, 4 has been granted and rest under process.

    Trinity have a comprehensive solution to address common security and piracy threats with simplicity and completeness. Trinity understands the need of the industry, and has accordingly designed its hardware as well as software so that companies can select the best suited model and uses the most relevant licensing policies. It comes with large range of licensing options depending on the business model. It covers offline distribution and is also suitable for online distribution.

    Trinity is committed to give it's clients satisfaction and an excellent Return on Investment.

    Trinity's core focus has been in Digital Rights management and recently company is also focusing in newer avenue i.e Data Leakage protection and there are several solutions in pipeline which are specific to SMEs.

    We secure your digital world.
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  • First up, I'd like to congratulate Trinity team for successfully delivering the encryption solution requested by HeyMath! . I have to make special mention of the effort put in by the Trinity team to finish this project.There were occasions when I had requested for some fixes in the app which were attended to on holidays. I am truly impressed by the promptness shown by Trinity team. Working with Trinity over the duration of the projects, I have learned a lot of new things.
  • Anjan, Heymath!
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