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    Video -Vault is the synonym of Secured Video Content Distribution. With the advancement of digital technology Internet speed is now encouraging for online distribution mode. Video-Vault Security is for publishers of Video that share or sell data / Video online and higher degree of security and control is required - beyond simple password protection.

    Although its simple to distribute on Internet, publishers has a tough time in taking decision to go online. If the distribution is through a secured media, they can at least think about content security using CD protection or USB protected content or software based security but when internet comes as a media, there is very less option to think of security.

    Traditional secured distribution with CD / USB attracts high operational cost for securing, burning and distributing to end user. This requires very sound infrastructure to serve customers better. For retail products, due to inadequate channel, companies also reported opportunity losses because of lack of reach.

    Video-Vault is designed to solve all the above Limitations. This will bring revolution in content distribution and will help publishers to protect their IPR with least investment and minimum maintenance cost

  • Features

  • Video Vault provides following features and prevents, allow or control the following functions Other than Softwares:-:-

    • Viewing, copying, modifying and saving Video content;
    • How many times your Video content can be viewed
    • How long your Video content can be viewed (days, months, years, forever)
  • How it Works

  • Videos are encrypted using the Video Vault Management Software. AES is used for encryption with advanced trinfin encryption implementation which is calibrated for best decryption performance even at higher bitrate video. Encrypted videos are loaded into Trinfin Secured Dongles. Different types of access policies are applicable at time of publishing, commonly used is direct play with KEY activation on the first use. Other options includes machine binding, usage based on number of times etc. Video-Vault comes with Secured Video player which is Plug and play kind. While video is playing it does not allow copying of videos from the media and it also prevents taking screenshots and screen captures.
  • Product Applications

    • Computer Based Training Distribution
    • Corporate Training
    • Plug & Play distribution and execution for videos
    • Time Bound Content execution
    • Machine Bound Video Security
  • Application Industries

    • Computer Based Training
    • E-Learning
    • Corporate Training
    • Entertainment
  • Customer Testimonial

  • First up, I'd like to congratulate Trinity team for successfully delivering the encryption solution requested by HeyMath! . I have to make special mention of the effort put in by the Trinity team to finish this project.There were occasions when I had requested for some fixes in the app which were attended to on holidays. I am truly impressed by the promptness shown by Trinity team. Working with Trinity over the duration of the projects, I have learned a lot of new things.
  • Anjan, Heymath!
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